Storm Drain

Services We Provide:

- Catch Basin Inspections and Cleaning
- Storm Drain Inlet Cleaning
- Automatic Retractable Screen (ARS) unit Inspection and Maintenance
- Connection Pipe Screen (CPS) unit Inspection and Maintenance
- Inlet Screen Inspection and Cleaning
- Contech Filterra servicing
- Catch Basin Stenciling
- Disposal of debris


RMI also offers a computerized work order management system to track inspection and maintenance activities. It documents:

- Date of service
- The amount of man-made trash, sediment and green waste removed
- Repairs made and nature of repair
- Re-stenciling of any catch basins

We utilize the information collected to optimize future catch basin
cleaning and maintenance repair efforts. Our optimized maintenance
program helps to reduce street flooding, minimizes nuisance odors, and
significantly reduces the discharge of pollution to our waterways.



RMI offers Annual Contract agreements, allowing us to monitor and provide inspection and maintenance services on a monthly basis

Confined Space Training

fully complies with all applicable State of California Occupational
Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) and Public Works' Safety
Requirements, while performing all catch basin and storm drain system
maintenance activities. RMI staff is trained to perform any required
confined space entries in accordance with Cal/OSHA Confined Space
Section 5156, 5157, 5158, Title 8 and CCR.

Hazardous Waste Recognition

staff is trained and is familiar with recognizing signs of illegal
dumping of hazardous materials such as used oil and paint in catch
basins and the storm drain system.  Our staff will comply with the
reporting and response procedures established by the contracting agency.


Results you can expect from RMI

dirty catch basin


clean catch basin